PDF HawaiI Place Names: Shores, Beaches, and Surf Sites

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Trump International Hotel Waikiki. Zen Diamond Suites Hotel. Leave it up to the guides and just have fun! With this company, you also get free digital copies of you surfing. Make your friends at home jealous. Our first 2 suggested surf schools will take you away from the crowded surf spots.

We think this is important because we've seen people hurt from having too many students in a concentrated area. Yes, the boards are soft, but we've seen more than boards in the air. Sometimes a fellow student will stumble and grab a person riding near them. During some south or west swells, the surf in these areas can become hazardous. Take advantage of your instructors local knowledge before paddling out.

A great way to eliminate board handling charges at the airport and the hassle of carrying yet another bag is to rent your boards on Maui. Island Surfboard Rentals have a large selection of short, fun, long and stand up surfboards for good prices. Daily pricing is reduced the longer you keep the boards, and they offer free delivery and pick-up.

They also have race and fitness boards, bodyboards, snorkel sets and water cameras for rent. For those of you with experience, there are many good spot on Maui. Some are more dangerous than others. These surf spots can look deceptively harmless and mushy. Know where you're going before you go out. The North Shore of Maui is where you'll find the biggest and most consistent waves.

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Hookipa is a great surf spot when winds are favorable with main breaks. This Maui surf spot is for experienced surfers only. The current can be strong and there are only 2 entrances to the surf. The reef infront of most of the spots is exposed which makes it difficult to get to shore when the currents are blazing. The entrances are at either end of the beach and narrow. The waves here are good but crowded. Another popular spot to surf is Honolua Bay.

This is one of the best waves on the island though extremely fickle. Usually only breaking a handful of times in the winter, Honolua Bay can offer a really long barreling right hand wave.

Maui Surfing - Everything you should know

Again, only for advanced surfers, Honolua surf can be treacherous. The Cave is a section of the wave, which is notorious for sucking surfers under and keeping them there. Keiki Bowls, on the inside, is super shallow and fast. This is a fun part of the wave, but you don't want to fall here.

Just kicking out can leave your knuckles scraped when paddling. There are dozens of other reef breaks around the island. The few beach breaks available are usually not very good in comparison. If you want more local knowledge, ask the guys that help you with Maui surfboard rentals.

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They'll make sure you get out in the best spots in the safest ways. Hawaii is the Mecca of surfing. Although Maui is not known as the center of the sport, our island has some incredible breaks. Oahu's North Shore is the best spot for surfing good-sized waves with good shape. Maui has many downfalls when it comes to surfing, but if you learn about them, you can score good rides. The following will explain the good and the bad of Maui surfing and how you can get the best out of your surfing experience in Hawaii.

If you doubt, don't paddle out! Maui is known as the windy island. The wind usually kicks up by 9 or 10 in the morning, sometimes earlier. Maui wind can really mess up some good waves. Most of the time, the wind is blowing side-onshore on the North side of Maui.

Hawaiian Place Names

This is great for the windsurfers and kite boarding on Maui. But for surfing, this poses another problem. If you paddle out in windy surf, you could easily get run over.

Hawai'i Place Names: Shores, Beaches, and Surf Sites

Remedy: Get up early and get out before the wind picks up. You can also try kiteboarding or windsurfing. Keep an eye on the forecast for swells hitting areas with offshore winds. For a Hawaiian Island, Maui get's a small share of the waves. All of these islands contribute in blocking West, South and some angled North swells. Then there's the Big Island. The Big Island of Hawaii is the closest island to Maui and blocks all East swell leaving our huge southeast shoreline flat.

Hawaii gets good waves, but the summer on Maui is a long period of practically no swell. Some South swells manage to squeeze by and light up our shores. This is rare, and when it happens, you can be sure that everyone on the island knows. Remedy: Pay attention to the buoys and do your research. The more knowledge you have of the different breaks and their corresponding swells, the more times you'll score good Maui waves. The North Shore is best in the winter, and South shore is best sometimes in the summer.

For unconscientious visitors to Maui, localism possesses a major threat to a fun surf session. If you're inexperienced or have a tendency to drop in on other surfers, don't paddle out. If you get in the way of others, or keep paddling around people to the peak, don't paddle out. If you are threatening and disrespectful, don't paddle out.

Hawaii Place Names: Shores, Beaches, and Surf Sites

The local surfers are not happy about the last many decades of surfing invasion on Maui. There aren't enough waves on Maui for everyone to be happy. Most of the times you'll find that everyone out in the water knows each other. This can be a problem for a new face trying to get in on the lineup. Remedy: Bring plenty of Aloha into the water. Wait your turn, and don't bark when someone drops in on you. Be respectful and treat people the way you'd like to be treated. Some Maui surf spots are known for antagonistic local vibes. Stay clear of these spots. There are a lot of surfing locations on Maui, which means you can usually find a break that's less crowded and less perfect.

At the more popular surf spots, bring your patience and extra time to sit and get your fill. Maui waves can be great with the correct conditions. One of the big problems with our island is that most spots are mushy when small.