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The design process has always been central to construction, but recent years have seen its significance increase, and the ways of approaching it Contemporary construction practice presents a shift in emphasis from thinking about the design team in isolation, to considering the project team It provides both a straightforward overview of the key I accept the terms of our Cookie Policy Accept. RIBA Bookshops Unrivalled range of the best architecture, design and construction books from around the world. My Account Register Sign in.

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Search Search Site Search Go. Average Rating: Be the first to rate this product! Your Rating: 1 2 3 4 5. This approach requires a number of mechanisms, teams, task forces, and integrating managers to promote mutual adjustments among experts, under conditions that are both dynamic and complex.

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As a result of the greater demands by owners and the increasing complexity of the design process, project managers have increasingly taken on the responsibility to manage the design as part of the overall management of the project. Stephen Emmitt in Design Management for Architects defines project managers as being responsible for the overall management of the project; their primary responsibility is the project.


Project managers are employed by the owner to ensure that the project is delivered within the agreed time, cost and quality parameters. This, however, is a challenging role since the project manager usually has very little control over the organisations and individuals that form the design team.

The project manager is also responsible for the smooth running of the project, which requires skills in coordinating the work by others. The conventional approach to the management of the design is through the project management process whereby the design management is simply considered as a component of the overall project management process, with the design project primarily managed in terms delivery to a program schedule and cost plan. The management of the design itself is generally left to the design team with the lead consultant, typically the architect, taking control of the design coordination process.

As stated earlier, the design of a building is in fact such a critical component of the overall project delivery process that it actually needs dedicated and independent design management to achieve the best results for the owner.


This design management process and focus on the design ideally needs to be implemented from the start of the project lifecycle and then undertaken throughout all the critical stages of the design. Design management, through a dedicated design manager working with the project manager on behalf of the owner, primarily seeks to establish project management practices that are focused on enhancing the design process across the entire design team.

The design manager should ideally have a diverse range of skills to manage the complexity of the design process. These include:.

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For building projects today, the successful implementation of owner focused design management throughout the entire project lifecycle can represent the difference between the success and failure of a building project. Thanks goodness I found this blog. Grants This university does not provide grants for third-cycle courses. Maria I. Last updated April 20, This course is Campus based. Request Info.

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