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Cooperation between Estonian and Danish cultural figures is lively and enriches the cultural life of both countries. It has become a tradition for professional Danish artists to perform at well-known Estonian music festivals like Jazzkaar, the Baroque Music Festival and Tudengijazz. The Black Nights Film Festival cooperates closely with the Danish Film Institute, and every year the Danish film programme has been shown at the festival, supported by the Embassy of Denmark in Tallinn.

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Danish poets have also participated in annual Nordic Poetry Festivals. In , the Danish storyteller Hans Christian Andersen would have been years old. In Estonia a broad range of projects to celebrate the bicentenary of his birth included various exhibitions, competitions, theatre and television programmes.

According to the legend, the Danish flag fell from heaven in during the battle of Lyndanise in Estonia. The Estonian-Danish Society was founded on 21 November, The society has brought together Estonians interested in the Danish language, culture and history.

Trust, community, and the Danish welfare state

The equivalent society in Denmark - the Danish-Estonian Society - has approximately members. Estonians living in Denmark have formed an association "Eesti Kodu", whose roots go back to the year We use cookies to optimize the user experience and target the content on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark. The collection of information also helps targeting of relevant content, compile statistics as well as marketing. Being located in the Department of Communication and Psychology, it seeks to unify perspectives from both of these areas, as well as neighbouring disciplines such as anthropology, sociology, history and philosophy The activities of the Centre include research projects, conferences, seminars and discussion groups, guest lecturers and various publication outlets viz.

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New Ph. Projects and Collaboration Projects and Collaboration. People Staff Affiliated. Lists of articles, book series and journals Publications. Activities at Centre for Cultural Pschology News Kitchen Seminars The K-seminars abbreviation from "kitchen seminars" are an informal international think-tank in cultural psychology that was first established by Jaan Valsiner in as a space for free constructive discussions of unfinished research projects and first ideas for new research efforts.

To some of us summer in Denmark can truly sound like a myth. Nevertheless, knowing some Danish summer vocabulary can always come in handy when you want to ask for that second scoop of ice cream, or to prepare for when temperatures might reach over 25 degrees. If you want to be one of the cool kids in Denmark, you need to learn some slang. We have put together a few common Danish slang words and phrases to help you understand the natives.

The small Danish words give us nightmares every time we hear, or see them. Using them in the correct way takes, you one-step closer to expressing yourself as a native. It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when lookin. We offer a highly effective online Danish course where you can learn Danish while never setting foot in the classroom.

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Learn more. Private or public Danish education? Danish courses for beginners Danish courses for elementary learners Danish courses for intermediate learners Danish courses for pre-advanced learners Danish courses for advanced learners Come for a free orientation meeting Come for a free placement test.

Spoken Danish skills Listening comprehension skills Danish pronunciation Reading and writing proficiency Preparation for vocational school. FVU Reading is a free course if you want to improve you Danish reading, writing and spelling. The course also qualifies you for Danish citizenship and vocational schools. Read more. On our blog you can find Danish expressions, pronunciation, examples and much more. Sign up for Danish. New courses start every month. Follow us on Facebook. Contact us. Sign up for our newsletter. Share on. Culture shock and how to tackle it 5 jun.

Many people experience culture shock when they move to a new country. Anna Sircova is a psychologist and originally from Riga, Latvia. Anna teaches Cross-Cultural Psychology courses for young American students. She has also studied Danish course 3 at Copenhagen Language Center. We had an opportunity to sit down and chat with Anna about the phenomenon of culture shock and how to tackle it. What is culture, and what is culture shock? Illustration by Chiara Nicola. What can you do if you find yourself in the midst of culture shock?

Culture shock and how to tackle it

Fortunately, there are some things you can do: You need to structure your daily life as much as possible and stick to routines , such as work, studying, jogging, etc. You should seek out encounters with people and participate as much as possible in social activities. The social support of others is incredibly important. You should pursue your interests. Example of culture shock Before coming to Denmark, Anna lived in Sweden for three years.